Gianluigi Orsini - Moscato And Barbera Wine Producer In Italy


Company information:

Company Name: Gianluigi Orsini
Owner Name: Gianluigi Orsini
Founded on: 1989
VAT No.: 0000000000
Number of employees: 1

Company location:

Via Ferrera 14, 22044 - Inverigo (MB) Italy

Company description:

Gianluigi Orsini is a small reality in Agliano Terme, in Asti province (Piedmont), known all over the world for its wines. He is 65 years old and produces a more unique than rare wine thanks to his passion for this product and these lands.

This time we don't have the usual history of the long family tradition, but this makes his wine even more special.  He was a technician at Chicco in Como since he was eighteen and in his spare time he helped his grandfather farmer in his vegetable garden. But all this is not enough for him. His innate passion for wine pushed him in 1984 to attend wine-making courses at the oenology school in Alba.

He already knows where he will grow his vines, not a random place, but just that idyllic hill in the municipality of Canelli, in Asti province, controlled by one of the world capitals of wine, where only DOCG certified wine is produced (Denomination of Controlled Origin and guaranteed).

He initially rents two hectares which he will cultivate in Barbera and later decides to produce a Moscato with a sweet and balanced flavor, buying the grapes from his cultivator friend, Mr. Sandro, a pact that prunes the plants in the manner he requests.

What makes this wine precious and unique is its approach to this product, he does not aim for the quantity but the quality of the wine, in fact with only about 9600 Barbera plants, he produces a limited number of bottles (9000 annual Barbera bottles). Detail of the pruning of Moscato which aims to leave few buds so as to have a limited number of bottles (only 200 / year), but a rare and rich in flavors wine.

Better a few bottles but good.

The thoughtfulness of this man in training, in choosing the right place and processing techniques, still continues in the choice of names. We have seen the life of Gianluigi reflected in these bottles, what sets him apart, my affections and what is most important in his life: his wife and his daughters.

Its wines:

Barbera "La Bimba" (the little girl), his best wine called by the nickname with which he used to call his wife because she was small compared to him.

Papillon, like the one he always brought to work and on important occasions.

Lieto Romore as on "Il sabato del villaggio" poetry of Leopardi, dedicated to his daughters, Federica and Francesca.

Laetitia Grappa Barbera, as the last daughter Letizia.

Barbera dell'Orso, from Orsini, because that's how his friends have always called him.

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